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Basketball Court Sport Flooring

   Wolflor Basketball Court Sport Flooring   






  • .Surface PUR modification technology provides three benefits:
    1) Fine molecular nano-scale infiltration treatment is the perfect balance between anti-slip and grip of sports shoes
    2) Prevent athletes from falling and causing abrasions, which can reduce the friction temperature by 30% when falling, reducing friction damage.
    3) The wear resistance of the product surface is improved by 20%, and it is easy to maintain.


  • .Adopt super wear-resisting pure color wear-resisting layer, can ensure the product resilience andindentation recovery ability after installation.Indentation recovery capacity increased by 50%, surface hardness increased by 26%, to achieve half of the sports floor can not reach the performance.


  • .The dimensional stability of the product is ensured, and the mesh reinforcement layer structure ensures that the product is subjected to an instantaneous impact to disperse the impact force and increase the service life of the product.


  • .Low-rate and high-elastic foaming ensures that athletes absorb 20% of the shock when jumping on the floor, ensuring the safety of the athlete. When the floor is subjected to an instantaneous impact, the lower layer of lighter and more elastic foam layer shrinks completely, and the upper layer of foam remains firm, which doubles the deformation around the sole, which increases the freedom of movement during rotation, ensuring the foot. Bottom grip and minimize the risk of injury.




National Match grade Badminton Court Sport Flooring 

Wolflor Sports Flooring WL-88010 (Wooden Grain)

Wolflor Sports Flooring WL-88011 (Wooden Grain)

Wolflor Sports Flooring WL-88015 (Wooden Grain)

Wolflor Sports Flooring WL-88017 (Wooden Grain)

Wolflor Sports Flooring WL-88019 (Wooden Grain)

Wolflor Sports Flooring WL-88022 (Wooden Grain)



Total Thickness 4.5MM Roll Width 1.8M
Roll Length 20M Wear Layer Thickness 1.0MM
Shock Absorption 35% Vertical variation ≤1.1mm
Energy return ≥0.31m/s Sliding Coefficient 80-100
Ball bounce ≥90% Abrasion Resistance >10000 Rotate
Residual Indentation ≤0.5mm Total VOC Emissions <100 ug/m3



1. Green Environmental Protection Health:

Wolflor PVC Sport Flooring insists on using high-quality new materials, never use phthalate plasticizers, without formaldehyde and irritating odor, and meeting EU RoHS testing standards, to give you a green and healthy sports space.



2. Structural Durabilities:

The surface of the product adopts the ultra-wear-resistant pure color wear-resistant layer,the indentation recovery ability is increased by 50%, and the surface hardness is increased by 26%.The stable layer of glass fiber mesh cloth ensures the dimensional stability of the product, which can disperse the instantaneous impact force and ensure that the floor will not break and deform in long-term use.



3.Safety & Comfort:

Low-magnification and high-elastic foaming ensure 20% increase in shock absorption. The double-layer foam structure can provide cushioning effect when athletes take off, slide, run and other strenuous actions, reducing the risk of injury and providing you with an ideal sports experience.



4.Anti-skid and anti-scratch

The surface of the product is modified by PUR to prevent the athlete from falling and causing abrasions. It can reduce the friction temperature by 30% when falling, reduce friction damage, and greatly reduce the damage of sports, so that you can rest on the sports field with confidence.