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Table Tennis Court Flooring

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Wolflor PVC sports flooring is widely used in various sports venues, such as: badminton, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball, handball, indoor football competitions and training venues, multi-purpose venues, various gymnasiums, dance rooms, schools, unit trade union activities. Room, multi-purpose hall, amusement park, kindergarten, sporting goods store, office, hotel, hospital activity venue, etc.


WOLFLOR PVC SPORT FLOORING has been inspected by the National Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. All technical indicators have reached environmental protection standards. It has high-tech antibacterial function and is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, waterproof, non-slip, mildewproof and so on.


The ergonomic irregular circular texture arc edge design on the floor surface makes the sliding coefficient the best value, which makes the athletes have better activity ability, and it is a professional technique for starting, jumping, sliding, braking and so on. The action provides a highly explosive elastic power structure.


The surface of PVC has the ability to repel external pollution. If the surface is contaminated, it can be easily cleaned with a mop. It is too dirty to be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for the floor. It is easy to maintain and clean and low in cost.


The pvc sports floor is divided into different layers, each layer has different functions, which provides a reliable guarantee for sports and minimizes the damage of athletes.

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